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Inclusion of the first patient in a clinical study evaluating Kimozo

5 October 2020

ORPHELIA announces the inclusion of the first patient in a clinical study evaluating Kimozo, its pediatric formulation of temozolomide

Paris and Lyon, October 5th, 2020ORPHELIA Pharma, a French biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and marketing of pediatric and orphan drugs is pleased to announce the inclusion of the first-in patient in a clinical study aimed at demonstrating the bioequivalence between Kimozo, the first pediatric formulation of temozolomide under clinical development, and Temodal® capsule.

Although not approved in this indication, temozolomide is an essential anticancer medicine recommended for use in treatment protocols of relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma, a condition that affects young children. However, the only oral formulations that are commercially available are in the form of capsules that are poorly adapted to children. Caretakers are thus compelled to open capsules and disperse the content into a soft food prior to administration to the child, which harbors several risks such as the uncertainty with regards to the delivered dose, the exposure of the caregiver to the cytotoxic drug and the instability of the drug in aqueous milieu. To overcome the risks this situation implies, Kimozo, a ready to use oral formulation has been specifically designed to address the needs of the pediatric population.

Kimozo has been developed in collaboration with Gustave Roussy, one of the leading cancer centers in Europe. The current clinical trial conducted by ORPHELIA Pharma aims at demonstrating, first for regulatory purposes, the bioequivalence between Kimozo and the Temodal® capsules in adult patients having brain cancers, with additional clinical investigation to come in the pediatric population of interest.

We have reached an important milestone for Kimozo with the clinical trial approval from competent authorities and the recruitment of a first patient“, said Caroline Lemarchand, Chief Pharmaceutical Development Officer of ORPHELIA Pharma “We plan to enroll 30 patients by mid-2021 thanks to the support of the three neuro-oncology teams involved in the study: Professor Ducray of the Hospices Civils de Lyon (coordinating investigator), Professor Chinot of the Timone Hospital in Marseille and Dr Bronnimann of Saint-André Hospital in Bordeaux. ”

We are pleased to contribute to the development of this new pediatric formulation of temozolomide. A liquid form is unambiguously of interest for treating children.“, underlines Pr. François Ducray. Hugues Bienaymé, General Manager of ORPHELIA Pharma further comments: “This first administration is a major milestone in the development of Kimozo. We are now preparing the opening of our second clinical trial, which will evaluate Kimozo in pediatric patients, by the end of the year ”, he concludes.

About the Bioequivalence Study (NCT04467346)

The clinical trial entitled “Bioequivalence Study between temozolomide oral suspension (Ped-TMZ) and Temodal® capsules” (NCT04467346) is an open label phase I study, randomized, crossover, 2-period study in 30 male/female patients with primary CNS malignancies. Patients will receive, under fasting conditions, 200 mg/m² of Temozolomide Oral Suspension (Ped-TMZ, the code name of Kimozo) or Temodal®, as single oral administration in 2 different study periods depending on the randomization, with no wash out period between administrations. The primary objective is to evaluate the bioequivalence between Kimozo and Temodal® capsules for oral administration. The secondary objectives are to define the pharmacokinetic parameters of Kimozo administration and to assess its buccal safety.

The clinical centers are Hospices Civils de Lyon, Bron, France ; CHU de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France and Hôpital de la Timone (AP-HM), Marseille, France. The Study sponsor is ORPHELIA Pharma.

About Kimozo

Kimozo (also known as ORP-005 or Ped-TMZ) is a ready-to-use and taste-masked oral suspension of temozolomide that is currently under development to address children needs. Kimozo is an investigational medicinal product not yet approved for marketing anywhere in the world.