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License agreement for the distribution of Kigabeq® in 14 european countries

6 April 2021

ORPHELIA Pharma and Biocodex sign a license agreement for the distribution of Kigabeq® in 14 european countries

Paris and Gentilly – April 6th 2021 – ORPHELIA Pharma and Biocodex announce today the execution of an exclusive distribution and marketing agreement for Kigabeq® (vigabatrin) for most of the European Union territory, including France.

Kigabeq®, the first pediatric form of vigabatrin developed by ORPHELIA Pharma, is notably indicated in the treatment of infantile spasms (West syndrome). Kigabeq® is approved in Europe, where this medicine, intended exclusively for children, benefits from a centralized marketing authorization (Pediatric Use Marketing authorization, PUMA).

We are very pleased to release this collaboration agreement with Biocodex“, says Hugues BIENAYME, Founder and CEO of ORPHELIA Pharma, “With their long-standing experience in the field of pediatric epilepsy, Biocodex is certainly the best partner for Kigabeq® distribution in Europe“.

With Kigabeq®, the only pediatric presentation of vigabatrin, Biocodex is expanding its portfolio of drugs intended for rare and serious pathologies in children” adds Nicolas Coudurier, CEO of Biocodex, “ Kigabeq® and Diacomit® (stiripentol, developed and marketed by Biocodex) are two drugs which address unmet medical needs for young patients affected by severe and resistant to treatment epilepsies”.

Our objective is to make Kigabeq® available to all European clinicians, so that children affected by West syndrome can benefit.” concludes Gilles ALBERICI, President of ORPHELIA Pharma, “Thanks to this agreement with Biocodex, Kigabeq® will soon be prescribed in most of the European territory.”

About Kigabeq®

Kigabeq® is the first pediatric formulation of vigabatrin, an essential anti-epileptic drug. Presented as soluble and scored tablets of 100 mg and 500 mg for oral or nasogastric administration, Kigabeq® is notably indicated for the treatment of infantile spasms (West syndrome), an extremely serious epileptic encephalopathy of the infant. Kigabeq® was developed exclusively for children and has been granted European Pediatric Marketing Authorization (PUMA).

About infantile spasms

West syndrome, or infantile spasms, is an extremely serious epileptic encephalopathy in infants that combines epileptic spasms, psychomotor deterioration and a hypsarrhythmic type electroencephalogram. It is a rare disease, with an estimated incidence of 5 per 10,000 births. It can occur in an infant with previously normal development or with a pre-existing delay; in all cases, infantile spasms severely hamper the psychomotor development. Pharmacological treatment should be started quickly to allow the spasms to stop and to improve the prognosis.

About Biocodex

Funded in 1953 beyond the development and marketing of the first probiotic strain in the world, Saccharomyces boulardii CNCMI-745, Biocodex from pioneer became one of leading international players within microbiota.

Biocodex further extended its activities to nervous central system diseases, with a focus on pediatric neurology, reinforcing its commitment to improve quality of life through discovery of innovative drugs addressed to unmet medical needs: full development of antiepileptic drug stiripentol (DIACOMIT®), indicated for the treatment of Dravet syndrome which is a serious and rare epilepsy observed in infants, has brought a valid therapeutic solution to neuropaediatricians.

Initially approved in Europe in 2007 then Canada and Japan in 2012, Diacomit® obtained Marketing Authorization in USA and Switzerland in 2018, Australia in 2019 and recently in Argentina. In numerous other countries, patients could access the drug through specific compassionate use programs. Dedicated medical team is in charge of orphan drugs portfolio, with permanent connexion with neuropaediatric specialists in UE and worldwide.

About ORPHELIA Pharma

ORPHELIA Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company based in Paris and Lyon that develops and markets drugs for the treatment of pediatric and orphan diseases.

Our mission is to provide patients with essential hospital products in the fields of epilepsy and oncology, with formulations that are suited to the pediatric population. Our first product, Kigabeq®, which was approved during the latter part of 2018 for the treatment of West Syndrome in particular, has been launched in several European countries. Our second product, Ivozall®, obtained a European marketing authorization at the end of 2019 for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. ORPHELIA Pharma also conducts research projects through academic and industrial partnerships.


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