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ORPHELIA PHARMA strengthens its capital base

29 January 2018

Paris, January 30, 2018 ORPHELIA Pharma, a French biopharmaceutical dedicated to the development and marketing of pediatric drugs in the field of oncology and neurology today announces that it has strengthened its capital base in December 2017. The completion of this round of financing, subscribed exclusively by initiative OCTALFA, will allow the company to accelerate its projects with the ambitious objective to obtain three European marketing authorizations by the end of 2020.

Our program for the three years to come is particularly rich with the opening of our pharmaceutical facility, the launch of three products, the recruitment of key employees and the strengthening of our academic and industrial research collaborations“, comments Hugues Bienaymé, founder and General Manager of ORPHELIA Pharma. “Our activity is centered on the development of child-friendly formulations of essential drugs for the management of rare forms of epilepsy and for the treatment of the most aggressive forms of pediatric cancers for which the medical needs remain very high. Then, we will progressively add early-stage R&D projects, including the development of new molecules for these rare indications“.

ORPHELIA Pharma also announces that it has relocated its headquarters within the Quartier Latin in Paris and it has opened a branch in Lyon. ORPHELIA Pharma has also strengthened its team with the recruitment of Mathieu Schmitt, PharmD as CMC Director in charge of pharmaceutical development and Jeremy Bastid, PharmD, PhD who will be the Chief Development Officer of the company.

We are very proud to be part of the transformation of ORPHELIA Pharma, whose activity perfectly fits our values and expertise”, comments Gilles Alberici, President of initiative OCTALFA and ORPHELIA Pharma. We have been involved in ORPHELIA Pharma since 2015 and are delighted to see that the company has already achieved significant milestones in thirty months.


Based in Paris and Lyon, ORPHELIA Pharma SAS is a French biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and marketing of oncology and neurology pediatric drugs. Its mission is to significantly improve essential medicines administered to children through the development of efficient, reliable and safe drugs with child-friendly formulations. ORPHELIA Pharma also leads innovative R&D projects through academic and industrial partnerships. Key investors include initiative OCTALFA (lead investor) and Pierre Fabre Medicament. For more information, please visit