ORPHELIA Pharma is a pharmaceutical company aiming at developing and marketing paediatric drugs in oncology, CNS and metabolic diseases.
Our mission is to provide meaningful advances to children through the development of efficient, reliable and easy-to-use medicines.

Discover our pipeline


Kigabeq® (ORP-001) is a reformulation of the antiepileptic
drug vigabatrin which makes its administration to young
patients easier and safer too. Kigabeq® clinical evaluation
is completed and MA dossier is currently under EMA
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ORP-005 is a paediatric formulation of an essential medicine used to treat CNS tumors. ORP-005 is currently under clinical development.
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ORP-008 is a drug targeting childhood neuroblastoma with a novel mechanism of action. ORP-008 is currently under preclinical development in this orphan indication.
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ORP-009 is a drug that targets various CNS cancers by repositioning a known medicine.
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