ORPHELIA Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the health and well-being of severely disabled children.
We strive to bring to the market innovative drugs targeting CNS and metabolic diseases.

Discover our pipeline


ORP-001 is a reformulation of the antiepileptic
drug vigabatrin which makes its administration to young
patients easier and safer too. The clinical evaluation
(SoluWest) is completed.
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ORP-002 is a drug developped in Rett syndrome, a debilitating condition for which no treatments are available. This program has obtained an Orphan Drug Designation (EU/3/09/643) from the EMA.
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ORP-003 is a reformulation of an existing antiepileptic drug to make it easier and safer to administer to children and expand its current authorized indications.
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ORP-006 is a drug that targets an orphan form of a neonatal epileptic encephalopathy. The dosage form developed is a new enteral/parenteral formulation which could be used for neonates, children and adults.
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